Cities & territories

Let’s build places that are great to live in! Smiile provides you with the richest local social network and more than 15 collaborative tools for resilient cities.

bailleur social solidarité
Dynamiser le lien social (illustration)

Creation of social ties and organisation of mutual help at a local scale

reseau social d'entraide en voisins : notifications

Targeted and real-time communication with citizens

The world’s richest panel of collaborative and inclusive services

réseau social de voisinage

The world’s richest panel of collaborative and inclusive services

vie de voisinage : proximité grâce au réseau social

Real social, economic and environmental impacts

consommons local et responsable

Promote a more sustainable lifestyle

Your impact for a 100 000 inhabitants area

Mutualisation en particuliers
1.2 Millions

meetings and exchanges a year

Réaliser de petites économies grâce à l'économie collbaorative
39 Millions €

purchasing power generated per year

Réduire son empreinte carbone grâce à l'économie collaborative et aux circuits courts
19 200 tons

of CO2 saved per year.

Lien social
-25 %

of social isolation

Une vie de quartier plus riche

Smiile, a proven methodology

Site d'aide entre voisins

Customized consulting

Secured local or neighborhood networks configured for your territory or city

Unique methodology and « ready-to-use » deployment kit

Innovative tools (profile and networks administration though your back office, feedback reporting tool,…)

Reports detailing statistics and analyzing usage of your project



A simple and universal platform
500 000 citizens connected
Safe and secured data (GDPR)
Free for every citizen
No ads
All content are moderated
No installation required
API ecosystem

Sharing economy app

More than 300 customers & partners

  • Saint-Malo
  • Société du Grand Paris
  • Caisse des dépôts
  • Langouet
  • Mordelles
  • Gally Mauldre
  • Mizuho
  • ANRU
  • Action Logement
  • Archipel Habitat
  • Habitat 77