Building & Renovation players

More than a social network, Smiile is a societal network that allows you to communicate and create a community of neighbours for your construction projects.

Promoteur & vie de quartier
Dynamiser le lien social (illustration)

Generate social ties and solidarity for all your construction projects

réseau social pour communiquer en temps réel

Communicate in real time before, during and after your construction or rehabilitation project

Bring the world’s richest set of collaborative services to neighborhoods

vie de quartier

Involve residents in your projects and facilitate consultation process

réseau social de voisinage

Leverage a digital ecosystem that brings together all the players in the neighborhood.

évaluer l'impact économique, social et environnemental de mon projet

Real social, economic and environmental impacts

Your impact for a 100-unit construction project

Mutualisation en particuliers

objects & services shared a month

Réaliser de petites économies grâce à l'économie collbaorative
500 K€

purchasing power generated per year

Réduire son empreinte carbone grâce à l'économie collaborative et aux circuits courts

Tons of CO2 saved per year.

Lien social
20% to 50%

Reduction of degradation and incivilities

Happy Smart City



• A simple and universal platform
• 500 000 citizens connected
Safe and secured data (GDPR)
Free for every tenants
No ads
• All content are moderated
• No installation required
API ecosystem

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